Two currencies

Katie Ebbitt



A man cradling a horse
With his haunches
The horse’s haunches
        	Cradled by the man
Tightness from morning medication
A half crumbled sandcastle
The dead kitten’s corpse
I won’t tell anyone
More repulsive
        	than the pig’s decayed head
The dog licking its paws

I could be anywhere
And what I remember is that
I haven’t been bored in New York
Despite boredom elsewhere
Allie called the older couple ugly
But what she meant was ugly was the pair
And her conviction against love
Felt like my conviction
against everything
And that conviction felt useless
Facing concrete inevitability
Why think of absolution by desire
The young boys playing soccer
A deep red shirt
A pink bow with jewels
A white dog
A brown dog
The echo of sound
The ribs on the dog
The dog’s ear
I want to pet
The dead kitten
The pig’s head
The thin pigeon
The toddler
How I should go back to a practice
The dog and its fleas
Always being domestic
A broom
A fall on the concrete
The embarrassment of pain
Looking at the clock
A teen with a tattoo
And the pregnancy
And your body is the same as the baby’s
And your baby is an organ
And the baby is an independent body
But still inside you
And you let it out

A ball hitting your shins
The girls in their oxblood pinafore dresses
A droopy eyelid
I wish I would give the dog a bath
Itching is suffering
Washing your feet
Your body
If I could breathe life back into the dead kitten