Three Poems

RC Miller



I am a dead bug with no blood spurts and a mouthwash which twerks, I am
Between fantasies of myself dying in travel-sized mouthwash and some

Blood curds in need of tax refund seasons and a
Fantasizing hash brown surviving sex changes in a wash of not wanting to stay here tonight.




More people die, and
Because the population of people is increasing as are their deaths then

Less animals live, and because of this
More animals are reincarnated as humans than ever before.

I get up early alongside my collapse of language.
Ducks kill a rooster on a baseball cap.




Barely getting by
Labia boat sops stunned banality
Paying for the moonlight on

An uppity payola bust
Snipping papal boys’
Pubis atlas pony.

Satan’s pubis ploy
Papas Istanbul pasta pus
On albino sty gold.

Nature is honest if you understand it.
There are rules set in
Observing the world around us minus the language in it.


RC Miller is the author of Mask With Sausage (Schism[2]), I Get Groceries and Abstract Slavery (Dostoyevsky Wannabe), co-written with Gary J. Shipley.