this piñata is only fifty cents and a perfect receptacle for this candy that is also fifty cents

Meredith Maltby



The piñata company was humming happily with work. It was piñata season!

“Order up!” the manager cried, drawing out the “O” with a merry twang, “One Lilo and Stitch piñata!”

“Yay!” cried the workers.

They went about with their paper mache and newspapers. They added a beautiful scalloped ridge to Lilo’s skirt.

“Order up!” the manager cried, “One three-headed demon dog piñata with incisors as sharp as blades!”

“Yay!” cried the workers. They crafted the slavering gums with love and care, and sent it on its way.

“Order up!” the manager cried with unwavering enthusiasm, “One God piñata with red eyes, full lips and a two-handed saw blade!”

The workers went on strike. They refused to practice idolatry.