The Heat is On

Casey McKinney


Is that from Beverly Hills Cop? That song quoted for this entry’s title? More 80s. I could google it, but it’s too damn hot to bother, hence this blog entry, which is to say we joked that while the rest of the publishing world would be partying at the Hamptons, we at Fanzine would be bizurp (that’s a phrase on the Three Six tip) working hard through August. ¬†Well we are, but things did slow a bit, after initial stubborn enthusiasm against the sun, humidity, and mosquitos.

That’s not to say that a lot is not lined up, almost ready to go. We are getting great stuff in daily. Meanwhile, Scratch, our mascot, got his first trip to the beach last week at St. George’s island, a dog friendly place in between the surreal cookie cutter beauty of Seaside (where The Truman Show was shot, but has evolved into its own real thing now) and the redneck Riviera of P.C. (Panama City, which is…well to call myself unredneck would be a denial, at least of my youth). Scratch was a natural.¬† He attacked the surf and rode it back at times on his little belly.

Anyway, we spent most of our time in between Seaside and P.C. at Rosemary beach, which is amazing and I don’t remember existing when I was a kid. Got a report in from Rayvon, who gave us the Purple Rain piece, saying he’d read Infinite Jest for the Infinite Sumer challenge. I suggest we all catch up on reading while the freon lasts, and check back in soon as we catch up on our editing negligence. Peace. -CM