The Groggy Biz News: Bill Gates Last Day

Casey McKinney


It’s Bill Gates‘ last day at Microsoft. He is retiring to work full time on philanthropy, as yesterday the Dow dipped so low that headlines appeared saying it had been the worst June since the great depression, while blogs have simmered down a bit whispering that Steve Jobs is dying, yet the apple (aapl) keeps falling too. So is it the price of oil or the credit crunch following the subprime loan mess that’s causing stocks to plummet, while everything gets more and more expensive—gas, coffee, cigarettes, NACHOS (isn’t there a better biofuel than corn?1 The Brazilians2 seem to have a different… better?worse? …idea) – as we enter as they say, stagflation, or is the real underlying panic the fact that the Alpha Centaurians are taking our two favorite geeks away from us? Gates and, man I hope not, Jobs? In any case, you’ll still be able to get your 3G iphones with your government gift card, if you haven’t already blown it on Nachos, gas or crack. Pray that this guy isn’t really becoming our era’s Rasputin, and that the hedge funds and amateur short sellers of the world don’t send the American (and world’s to follow) economy back to the stone age soon. Should be an interesting day… on Wall Street, if anyone cares.

-Renic Lee

1 For more on corn and subsidized corn farming see King Korn. Also a lot more on corn and how much of you is made up of corn, carbon wise, FZ suggests Michael Pollan’s The Onivore’s Dilemma.

2 The Brazilians are running cars on sugar based ethanol, basically high ‘tane rum…!

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