The End of Astronomy

Lizzy Acker


Unfortunately the end of the world came sooner than anyone would have liked.

I mean, no one was ready. Our outfits weren’t done. We were still collecting feathers.

One thing you need for the end of the world: feathers.

Venus was in transit. There was a solar eclipse. It seemed like this astronomy should mean something. But since all the children and all the adults were dead, there was no one around to tell us what that was.

I said: “Do you remember when we lived in that tiny house, made of tubes, on an island in the middle of a dirty lake? Do remember how we foraged for food and feathers and soda cans and golf balls?”

You didn’t remember. It had something to do with the solar eclipse.

There’s always a last last time but nobody knows when it is.

When you die, you’ll be dead forever. But right now we are looking for feathers. The moon and the sun are taking turns getting closer and closer and closer.

If we never go to sleep, we will never not wake up.

I said: “Do you remember when we took all our clothes off on a rock by the side of a river and turned each other inside out? How we were covered in blood until we jumped into the river? Do you remember your blue shorts?”

When Venus is in transit, you look hard for feathers. The end of the world is coming. Soon we won’t remember anything at all.