Taking Ted’s Head out for Batting Practice

Casey McKinney


If this don’t beat all.  How can we trust the future?  Think about it, you become Major League Baseball’s all time leading hitter for aeons, and in your golden years, pondering what comes next, as a hopeful precaution against interminable mortality, you figure you might want a shot of life for aeons more to come. So you sign up with a company that – after death of course – will freeze either your whole body or head (Ted chose just the head – why he didn’t want to throw in those guns that we mortals call arms, I’ll never know…go figure) in anticipation of future technologies of revival..

Yeah ok, but careful what you plan for. The future could be bliss or an idiocracy. As the great Sufi once said: ‘Nothing is real, everything is permitted.’

And so it goes. Some employees of a certain cryogenic center permitted themselves to play a little baseball with Ted Williams’ head.  ‘Course they had to first dislodge the stiff, frozen, chunk of ganglia and bones from a can of tuna before getting any split finger action in the lab.



Happy Halloween a wee early,
-Casey McKinney & art by Danny Jock

P.S. now that a month has been spent on Michael Jackson’s body, what company do we guess he entrusted his remains to the future?  Hopefully not these people.
What’s next?  Bowling with Disney?  Just shoot your ashes out of a big fisted cannon, like Hunter S, Thompson had willed.  Gonzo had a class plan. Otherwise we see little imagination ya know, some of these people.

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