Never Say Die

Jake Valento


Jake Valento reviews What We Do In The Shadows, taking stock of the can-it-be-revived mockumentary format.

Staying Home Sick with the Housewives of Orange County

Kati Heng


Migraines go better with trashy reality TV, according to Kati Heng.

Watching TLC on TLC

Christina Lee


As a possible 20th anniversary reunion tour approaches, TLC presents two new shows about TLC.

Margaret & Mindy

Christina Lee


The legacy of Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl, Mindy Kaling’s groundbreaking The Mindy Project, and the importance of sitcoms starring Asian-Americans who aren’t that Asian.

Vampire Diaries redux

Bradford Nordeen


Bradford Nordeen explores the appeal of the derivative of the derivative… ad mortem.

Rupaul’s Drag Race

Bradford Nordeen


The growth of positive depictions of gay chracters and themes on television likely has as much to do with advertising demographics as recent shifts in public opinion and, true to form, Rupaul’s Drag Race is packed with as many product placements as the other reality TV shows it mirrors. Bradford Nordeen, author of Fever Pitch, highlights the pleasures and frustrations that the show has to offer as well as how it literalizes Warhol’s maxim about fifteen minutes seconds of fame.