A Tunnel Too Far

Gean Moreno


Privatized infrastructure is reshaping Miami, not in an Edward Sharpe “Up From Below” type of way––more in an Underminer way.

Low Orbit: “Packing for Mars” by Mary Roach

Rob Tennant


First human-made satellite in orbit, 1957, first person on the moon, 1969, and. . . Despite its focus on the physics of defecating in space, Mary Roach’s latest leaves Rob Tennant salivating for his trip to the Red Planet. Is sending humans to Mars an unjustifiable waste of resources at a time when they already seem plenty scarce or a surreal and beautiful fulfillment of our species’ odd ambition?

Small Gains in My Ability to Picture Internet Infrastructure

Ben Bush


Other than some mental of image of a highly air-conditioned server farm full of droning hard drives, I have a pretty limited ability to actually…

iPad anyone? I still like Kindle (for iPhone Mind You)

Casey McKinney


iPad anyone? I still like KIndle (for iPhone Mind You)

Everything is Bigger in Texas Except…

Michael Louie


brains? Well, that’s probably not an entirely fair assessment. But according to a recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, nearly 33…

Heller’s Fanzine piece referenced in Freakonomics

Casey McKinney


Roids keep Rumbling – Heller’ Fanzine piece ‘Roid Rage’ in The New York Times excellent Freakonomics column

Skydiving to Watch the Shuttle Launch

Casey McKinney


Going up, going down, this is pretty badass. In related visual badassness, someone just shared Boards of Canada’s first video Dayvan Cowboy by…

Roid Rave: Steroids, They Do A Body Good?

Jordan Heller


When the news of A-Rod’s steroid use broke, cries of "cheater" were bandied about the tabloids, but nothing of how the slugger may have negatively affected his health. If the health risk is minimal, and steroids can help get a player into the Hall of Fame, what can they do for the rest us? Jordan Heller reports. Art by Danny Jock.

No Mini Black Hole…But

Renic Lee


Step right up folks, lets give the particles a little push, and there, off they go, running like two subatomic lemmings fast as they can till they…

Spiders on Drugs

Casey McKinney


Spiders on Drugs