The Fat Sonnets

Samantha Zighelboim


“and I guess I can wear / Spanx but then I can’t breathe and I’ll have to leave the party early / because my organs are being smushed even though I look good”: Three poems from Samantha Zighelboim’s The Fat Sonnets.

Persuasive Essay for Sex Ed

Diana Hamilton


“This is how you prepare your asshole for anal. / This is how to tell a partner you really want them / but have a yeast infection.” A new long poem by Diana Hamilton, selected by late winter poetry editor Ed Steck.

The Pollock Streets: Ted Berrigan’s Art Writing, Part II

Nick Sturm


The second part of Nick Sturm’s study of Ted Berrigan’s lesser known writing on art, including his commentary on Henri Michaux, William Burroughs, and Joe Brainard.

from The Four Seasons

Brandon Brown


“I read that Kathy Acker and Mackenzie Wark e-mail book and the only thing I really took away from it was that Kathy Acker hated pizza.” An associative mapping of memory through pop culture and the seasons by Brandon Brown, selected by late winter poetry editor Ed Steck.

Three from Lucy 72

Ronaldo V. Wilson


“Conductors float in the air, at night, above me, steel grids levitate over me, while I walk below them. Actually, I forget the night.” Three poems from Ronaldo V. Wilson’s Lucy 72, forthcoming from 1913 Press, selected by Winter poetry editor Julia Cohen.

Two Poems

Nicole Steinberg


“I need lessons on how to be / intense on the Internet.” Two new poems by Nicole Steinberg.

The Thaw

Sueyeun Juliette Lee


“identify a molten beat inside the human ruin, with acquiescence / what are you willing to relive”: A new long poem by Sueyeun Juliette Lee, selected by Winter poetry editor Julia Cohen.

The Moss of the Danube School

Jennifer Nelson


A poem from Jennifer Nelson’s Aim at the Centaur Stealing Your Wife, recently released from Ugly Duckling Presse.

Two Poems

Phoebe Glick


“And you ask me, what happened after the ice age? And I say, then birthmarks. Then humor. Then cancer. Then love.” New poetry by Phoebe Glick, selected by Fall poetry editor Julia Cohen.

from My Cat Jeoffry

Tina Brown Celona


“I am afraid to look out the window because I am afraid I will look into the eyes of the bobcat.” New poetry from Tina Brown Celona, selected by Fall poetry editor, Julia Cohen.