Rock and Roll Organisms: The Strange Case of Volvox & Antony Riddell

Matthew O'Shannessy


Matthew O’Shannessy sheds light Melbourne artist Antony Riddell, a little known influence to musicians such as Sunn 0))) member Oren Ambarchi.

Place, Family, Face, Name: on Ibeyi’s Ibeyi

Kati Heng


Kati Heng listens to French-Cuban duo Iyebi’s self-titled debut album and tries to wrestle with the ways we can and cannot handle musical heritage.

The Dodos vs. Crunge

Weston Cutter


Weston Cutter reviews the new Dodos album, Individ, while considering what made the band’s breakthrough, Visiter, so strange and glorious and good.

It’s Not A New Phenomenon: An Interview with Ben Nadler

Andrew Duncan Worthington


Andrew Worthington catches up with Ben Nadler about his punk retrospective, Punk in NYC’s Lower East Side, 1981-1991.

PJ Harvey: Recording in Progress

Paula Bomer


Paula Bomer visits London to watch PJ Harvey record her latest album as part of a piece of performance art. Read the report.

Go With The Flow and Hope: An Interview with Dasher

Scott Daughtridge


Scott Daughtridge catches up with Dasher front-woman Kylee Kimbrough in midst of their rise from the small club scene in Atlanta to nationwide success.

David Bowie Is or Is Not

Kati Heng


Kati Heng does and does not find David Bowie at his exhibit in Chicago.

On Bjork’s Vulnicura

Nicholas Grider


Nicholas Grider takes a look at the emotional heft of Bjork’s latest.

Oh Baby I Like It Raw (Just Not That Raw)

Jim Ruland


The Dirty Version explores the conundrums of the Wu-Tang Clan’s most notorious member, Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Jim Ruland reviews.

The New Set of Teeth You Don’t Know How to Grow

Nicholas Grider


Lamb’s latest album, Backspace Unwind, provides emotional clarity and foundation for Nicholas Grider during trying times.