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Seared Into Memory: An Interview with Molly Brodak

Jaime Fountaine


Molly Brodak talks about the process of writing her memoir, Bandit, in this illuminating interview about memory, the past, and cake.

Count Backwards From Ten: Molly Brodak’s Top 10 Episodes of The Twilight Zone

Steven T. Hanley


Just in time for Halloween weekend, Molly Brodak checks in with a list of her top 10 episodes of The Twilight Zone, all available for spooky holiday streaming online.

Explanations Are Impossible: A Review of Bandit: A Daughter’s Memoir

Gregg Murray


Molly Brodak’s Bandit tells the story of growing up the daughter of a multiple felon bank robber in Detroit, and in the process shatters all expectations of how a memoir is supposed to work. Gregg Murray reviews.