I Want ITT Tech to Buy My Papers

Patrick Wensink


“…With the recent passing of author Harry Crews, I discovered that the University of Georgia library purchased his collected papers in 2006. Soon, I learned that many writers’ manuscripts, letters and doodles are frequently bought by colleges for scholarly research. For example, the University of Texas’ library owns every scrap of Don Delillo’s filing cabinets. This led to ask the obvious question: “Why not me?”…”

Stab Vests, Jesus Guns and Eating Human Hearts

Casey McKinney


There was a bunch of stuff I wanted to blog about tonight, lots of goings on in the world since I lost a blog earlier this week due to a…

Dinner’s Ready

Casey McKinney


Try this out… A friend just sent me this from another friends’ blog.  You can just make up your own script for this cartoon.  Fun…Oh…

Useful Aliases Culled From Pornographic E-Mail Spam

Michael Louie


What to do with all the thousands of e-mail spam you receive each week, promising cheaper pharmaceuticals and computer programs, hotter schoolgirls, more FFM action, bigger dicks, and longer erections? Don’t be so quick to hit delete; in them lies an incredible resource with which to hide your identity. First in an occasional series of lists….