See Jayne Date: A Dog Date Afternoon

Jane Connor


Jayne and her wing-canine navigate eHarmony, bet on a dead cert, and enjoy some light recreation at the dog park. Art by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Date: One Girl, Two Todds, and A Few Too Many

Jane Connor


Jayne’s first good-faith effort in the blind date arena––going head-to-head with suits, sexual harassment, and murderous preconceptions.

Sponsored in Part VI: Share and Share Alike

Malina Saval


Desperately seeking to be included in the exclusive, über-stylish, possibly non-existent upper echelon of Al-Anon… or at least not to be left sponsor-less and head-hunted by Christians in Studio City. Part VI of Malina Saval’s search for a sponsor. Art by Danny Jock.

See Jayne Date: Jayne Likes Dicks

Jane Connor


Any personal views expressed on Dating Assholes, How to Identify a Decent Boyfriend, or Possible Remedies are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Fanzine.

Hybrid Locations: Thoughts on Dreaming or Insomnia and Language

Blake Butler


Gathering thought and expression from Joyelle McSweeney and James Joyce, in an excision from Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia, author Blake Butler examines the strange language of not sleeping.


Peter Thompson


If androids dream of electric sheep, what does a shapeshifting alien inmate lust after? And what about an embattled staff sergeant? Science fact, fiction, and fuck: intrepid reporter Peter Thompson reluctantly investigates the further sexcapades of Reno, Nevada.

Beyond Beyond Bedlam

Wilbur Wilson


The anti-crackpot paints the walls in splendor, decides: The work’s the thing. The daisy chain that links psychoanalysis, relative graffiti, the considerations of art, the considerations of imprisonment, the Rhineau Collection (recently displayed in the Medical History Museum at the University of Zurich), the geography of the Outsider, and the cocktail closer.

How I Accidentally Ended Up At An Orgy

Jane Connor


Jayne O’Connor finds that an invite to a pajama party doesn’t always mean…

Things My Bitches Taught Me

Jane Connor


As we hurtle into the shortest, darkest day of the mercenary holiday season, author Jayne O’Connor recounts her tale of accidental redemption. How fostering dogs can transform you into one bad bitch.


Peter Thompson


It’s that time again for reflection, when magazines make best of lists way ahead of New Years to assist you in developing a cheat sheet for buying yourself a bunch of records, books or whatever for the holidays when you know in your gut you really you should be buying Uggs or fleece blanket-robes for everyone in your family, toys for homeless kids or sending $30 to Reno’s Occupy Wall Street Movement to keep it afloat. Or you could be like Peter Thompson, puzzling over Kardashian tweets and kicking dope. Merry, merry…