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The Language of Our Own Private Country: An Interview with Leah Dieterich

Chelsea Hodson


Chelsea Hodson speaks with Leah Dieterich about transparency, unattainability, lyrical prose, and ballet’s archetype for romantic love in Dieterich’s new novel, Vanishing Twins: A Marriage.

Either Way, I Lived: An Interview with Chelsea Hodson

Lauren Grabowski


Lauren Grabowski in conversation with Chelsea Hodson upon the release of her essay collection, Tonight I’m Someone Else, out this week from Henry Holt.

Very Rational People: Scott McClanahan in conversation with Chelsea Hodson

Chelsea Hodson


Scott McClanahan’s latest, The Sarah Book, finds him at the height of his powers, speaking like only he can speak. Recently he caught up with Chelsea Hodson to talk about the making of the book, the being of a person, changing who you are, and much more.

The Art of Trauma: On Chelsea Hodson

Eîlot Tuerie


Eîlot Tuerie unpacks how performance artist and author Chelsea Hodson’s work explores the boundaries of the body and the nature of power.