Bullitt in Miniature

Michael Louie



When I was young I was fascinated with the fact that my father’s first car was a dark green 1967 Mustang fastback, the…

Reflections on Art from the Mailbox: Nicole Kuprienko’s Hobgoblin 2

Audrey Tran


A satellite dish is just a bundle of metal, nuts, bolts, and wire fastened together.  For anyone familiar with the neighborhoods in…

1/27th of a Love Letter: Reflections on art from the mailbox

Audrey Tran


Jennifer Gustavson’s 1/27th of a Love Letter

Howdy. I’m here to write a few words about a mail-art project called…

O Captain, My Captain — Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

Ben Bush



When Tom Waits’ Bone Machine first came out my favorite song on it was "She’s Such a Scream" and I played it…

Metal Blog from our friends

Michael Louie


Our friends Melissa and Nithtya made this awesome metal blog called Waves of Mutilation. It has a good dose of great humor but don’t mistake this…

First Ammendment Porn: Free Speech and Free Language

Ben Bush


No, not the First Ammendment as it applies to pornography but pornography for those who love the First Ammendment. Read Village Voice columnist…

Small Gains in My Ability to Picture Internet Infrastructure

Ben Bush


Other than some mental of image of a highly air-conditioned server farm full of droning hard drives, I have a pretty limited ability to actually…

Some words for Harvey Pekar

Michael Louie



It seems like every time I go to write something for the magazine these days it’s because somebody died. Today (6/13)…

Tooting the Vuvuzela for Spain!

Ben Bush


There’s no end of good things to be said about the Netherlands. Nobody trompes the oeil quite like Vermeer. They gave us Van Gogh and their brave…