Bringing Back the I: Ana Božičević’s Rise in the Fall

Laura Carter


The Self and Sensibility of Ana Božičević’s Rise in the Fall.

Moleskin(e) Deep

Gean Moreno


In an age that fetishizes the “private” scribbling of Winston Smith––with a notebook that can now be synched to the computer––Moleskine partners with prominent architects to produce proofs of inspiration.

Empathy in the Age of Trolls: A Conversation with Travis Nichols

Alex Gallo-Brown


Troll on troll trolling: an interview with Travis Nichols in the age of the internet about his new novel, The More You Ignore Me.

“When you come to the water / you should fear nothing”

Laura Carter


A course in knowing: Emily Toder’s Science.

This Is A Book, Tina: A Review of Peter Davis’s Tina

Gina Myers


The llama from Napoleon Dynamite or Peter Davis’s muse? The shifting, fading, making out image of Tina and her legacy.

I know now that nothing written will bring love

Laura Carter


A review of Jenny Boully’s first versebook: of the mismatched teacups, of the single-serving spoon: a book of failures: and what she found there: the A’s and the X’s and the necessary that got away.

The Impulse of the Irr: Darby Larson’s Irritant

Laura Carter


The progress of the irr (Ur) is charted through the swimming sea of flowerpots and otherness. Hindu mythology? Creative process? The tale of what is both friend and foe exploded.

A Review of Gina Myers’s Hold It Down

Laura Carter


Not more deep, more shallow. You take what you can.” A review of Gina Myers’s Hold It Down and the things that make up a life.

“We Don’t Need Freedom?” an Interview with Ian Svenonius

Jordan Somers


Ian F. Svenonius discusses his new book, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group, a satirical instruction manual slash insightful lesson in Capitalism from the late greats. His book tour brings the new title (and perhaps a séance or floating chair) to 529 Bar in East Atlanta, Saturday, May 11th at 7:30 pm.

Arrival of One Adulthood: A Review of Amy Lawless’s My Dead

Gina Myers


Out of the crucible and into the ossuary: Amy Lawless forges adulthood out of meditations on death, and a parade of elephants.