Site: Ironing Board Collective

Amy Herschleb


The thinking person’s fashion blog. From fashion in Rwanda to: Cranston, cobblers, the mementos of generations past, and Joan Didion, the bloggers at IBC keep reminding us of what is relevant and fascinating about fashion. Eschewing (because all writing about fashion must contain the word “eschew”) crap writing in favor of the insightful, topical, and downright divine (also obligatory usage) commentary on the relationship between the human imperative to adorn oneself and the tools we create to carry out said imperative. Co-founded by (my writer crush forever) Michelle Tea, Leo Plass, Michael von Braithwaite and Thomas Page McBee, co-edited by Michael and Thomas, and contributing-edited by Carrie Leilam Love, the Collective (not quite like the Borg, I gather) initiates in a multifaceted discussion about clothing (and society, and gender roles, and culture, and fandom) while soliciting new voices to join them (submissions are here). I resist the urge to copy their manifesto here, because that would be cheating. Let it be known, however, that it contends that our relationship with our second skins is relevant, complex, and worthy of being written about intelligently and with a degree of reverence. Which is exactly what they do.––AH