selections from ZDD, 2014

Nina Cristante


i wanted to ask if you are still giving nutrition and fitness advice, and if you would like to correspond about that.

healthy dining options
eating well on the go
eating healthy on a budget
embarrassed to be frugal
want to have a good time

163cm, 50kg. 25 yrs


26/1 mon

bowl of spinach and potato fried together in leftover curry
2x strong coffee
1 plum
1 end of cucumber
buckwheat tea

walked 4km loop again
salt and vinegar chips (‘organic’)
rice drink from korean cafe (i realised later this was just from a can)

1 bowl homemade curried butternut squash soup
buckwheat tea

2x spinach pancake (so great)
1 chamomile tea


25/1 sun

bf slept over
didnt eat till 1pm
small bowl pork and cabbage frozen dumplings, cucumber salad (made at home, w black vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, shallot, chili flakes)
buckwheat tea

iced matcha green tea bubble tea (asked for less sugar) nice treat

got roti takeaway (walked 4km loop with housemates dog, brought food home) = 1x fried pancake w curry, dahl, sambal to dip, also some beef curry to share (eaten w pancake)

i grilled half a small eggplant, fried it w the remaining curry, ate it w the leftover coconut rice. 1x chamomile tea



i just realised i lost 4-5kg (now 46 from a stable weight of 50)
the less i eat, the less i think about eating
i guess the language of ‘health’ exists only re sickness, so one really describes the other
i don’t want to be ‘thin,’ though there’s no ‘right’ weight, just ‘fit’ (so i feel satiated, energetic, ‘light’ but also strong rather than fragile, like i have a base to move from to action)

i bought a large packet of frozen kimchi gyoza with v thin wrappers, kimchi/vermicelli/tofu filling, that only need a tiny bit of oil to get v toasted and crisp in the pan. still drinking lots of water and cold buckwheat or corn tea, likely will improve ASAP as i’m good as long as i make health a goal and a priority. how do you get through the hard times for health/nutrition? (i guess preparation for them….while things are good….i stopped fun/voluntary exercising like my weekly swimming, the yoga and boxing i was going to do…..still walking 2-3km/day regularly, cycling 4k daily, transport……trying to slowly raise my consciousness/personal standards for health i guess, not believing i’m naturally sick/weak) (also prioritising cleaning my room, doing my laundry, other forms of self-care and maintenance, ahead of attempting to work, guilt/anxiety over projects/deadlines/etc, that i can only honestly complete well when i’m well.


extracts from Zao Dha Diet consultations

Zao Dha Diet (ZDD) has at its core independence, self-reliance, frugality, simplicity, self-recovery, balance, and personal taste.
ZDD requires the individual to be in touch with themselves in order to know independently what is good or bad for them. It implies that one-sided, normative ways of living advertised by consumer culture are not necessary.

ZDD promotes independent lifestyles, while looking into the commitments and aesthetics of the world of dieting and fitness.