Ron Asheton Found Dead

Casey McKinney


Ok so I was trying to find a good video clip of Ron Asheton, guitarist of The Stooges, who was found dead today, Tuesday, January 6th.  He was 60, and apparently died of natural cuases. All I kept finding though were old Stooges videos with Asheton in Iggy’s shadow pumping away, grinding away the riffs of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, or “T.V. Eye” as seen here (why are all of these videos somewhat funny, you should see Sonic Youth doing “I Wanna Be Your Dog” on Saturday Night Live as David Sanborn joins in, trying to give John Zorn a run for his money on the horn).  Then there was this guy in the video above, who might just be waking up from a bong hit, and reminds me of that Brit Russell Brand who hosted the MTV awards this year, but anyway is actually sincere, so whatever, listen…  We all miss Asheton alike.  If you never saw The Stooges, or Asheton hammer it out later with Mike Watt and J Mascis, well do yourself a favor and um…. I don’t know, youtube it up, find a better video, because Ron Asheton is dead. Relive him on the live tracks of Fun House, an album that really put the best of Doors to shame. There he created the kinds of riff that, like some of the Velvet Underground’s before him, could ramble on into blissful blues fuzz infinity, and you’d never notice the clock ticking.  Asheton was one of my favorite guitarits, maybe yours too. His impact will not be forgotten. -CM

*Asheston is in the pic above of The Stooges, far right, with his signature rose hued glasses, which you’d see if the pic was in color.


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