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Renic Lee


Okay O’Malley, so obviously my first reaction to your Sarah Palin commentary was that you were a sexist son-of-a-bitch (though I know nothing about buck skinning) but I took your (alluded) alliteration on the word “buck” a bit further when you placed that noun just a word away from your “skin”—that does get me a tad peeved. It was cute perhaps, knowing your limitations, but perhaps too. Even for you (why not some U.S. Open coverage? speaking of which, what’s up with the bracket this year so that the Williams sisters couldn’t see each other in the finals again?)

Anyway, anyway, you know I was snuckered myself by that speech Wednesday night by Palin. Enough so that I emailed some colleagues afterwards and said, “you know she’s not really evil. So I’m not worried by how this plays out either way, seeing what a rough time McCain had in that Hanoi Hilton and all.”

Then I went back to work (my day job is covering stocks under anther name for a big wire service). And I noticed something kind of funny. Everything went to hell in the market the next two days after that speech (well it started when he picked her, but really went to shit Thursday). And I am not just talking “green” stocks like ENER or ESLR and so on. I mean everything, the whole “drill, drill, drill” crowd too.

Maybe economists these days are looking back in wanton reverie at the Clinton days, one of the best bull markets ever in U.S. stock history. Or they’re reconsidering that trickle down (I guess in this case it would be trickling from Alaska) economics doesn’t work. That to have a strong middle class, said middle class needs tax breaks more than the two percent that make 90 percent of this country’s wealth. And some health care in the mix would actually help the rest of the 98 percent with their day to day expenses, and allow for more discretionary spending that would grow our economy like nobody’s business (excuse the pun). I’m just riled, riled at you, and at the whole mess. Fannie Mae is fucked, Freddie Mac too and I could care less if Sarah has a moose rack above her mantle.

Oh and have you seen this video (uh… kinda weird and long but watch the whole thing). Want to read what Wall Street thinks? Google “Sarah Palin Stocks” (there are serious doubts on Palin from both left and rights sides of the media). You can also do “Sarah Palin + tits” or something for some fun with a young Palin and a t-shirt where she brags that she’s, thank god, not flat breasted, but I think she has a team of blessed e-people pushing that page down in the rankings since so I’ve now lost it. Yes thank God…. I guess... what? God I hope my grandmother doesn’t read this…

-Lee Renic


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