Rat’s Nest Astrology September

Never Angeline North



Fall is here, starbabies! Virgo is in full effect, but watch out for Libra creeping up. Virgo loves puzzles, so use that to dive in deep this month. Mostly, as always, Take Care Of Yr Darn Self. I’m sorry to use capitals like that, but this is important. Important important. And while taking care of yrself, see what you can do to take a larger perspective. Think about the collective. We help ourselves, we help our loved ones, we help the world. Keep these in balance. Eat a mint. Draw a horse.




Weird times. Things will be up and down this month, Aquarius. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say they will be side to side. I’m not saying good things will happen, and I’m not saying bad things will happen. I’m saying keep an eye out for the unexpected. And when it comes, lean in. Lean in hard.



Look at another person through a mirror. Imagine yourself floating through the mirror and giving them a handshake. Greens are important for your diet, but you should eat a piece of candy a week. When the full moon comes, follow your instincts. Not the ones that tell you to stay at home. The other ones. The ones that mean business. Don’t hurt anyone, though. Just mean business.



This week you will meet a socialist. Take them to dinner and talk about women’s sports.



Break routine. I know this isn’t your forte, Taurus, but find a routine and break it. Even just once. Remember that there is a big big world outside and make up a little dance routine about it. Take care of your skin and lift with your knees.



It won’t kill you to eat one bug, Gemini.



Here’s an idea, Cancer: this month, don’t shave something you’re used to shaving or shave something you’re not used to shaving. Body hair is a good place to start, but you could really take this anywhere.



Buy some porn this month, Leo. Hell, make some porn. If that’s not yr thing, try beefing up yr personal hygiene regimen. Good skincare is AMAZING.



The world needs you right now, Virgo. You’ve got one of those minds that can crack all the codes, eggs and walnuts you could want. Put it to use for those in cages, behind fences, & underfoot. A space to use this innate skill will show itself to you this month. Jump on it. Jump hard.



This month for you will be the mousiest. Mouse around! Mouse around the house, mouse with a louse. Mouse yrself into the future. Nibble a grape with your tiny mouse hands & learn to live inside walls. There’s no telling what you could overhear.



Yr CRUSHING IT lately. No really, you are. It may not feel like it yet, but come full moon your wheels will touch the ground hard and, despite yr misgivings, you will be IN YOUR ELEMENT. An element you didn’t even know was yours! Tungsten, perhaps. Use this power for others. For strangers. The stranger the better.



Take it slow. You have all the time in the world. Drink some tea. Recover a bit. Believe me when I tell you, things will pick up soon enough. In the meantime, relax your doubts and let others help you recover.



Think about silos.