Poems and Drawings

Jamie Perez


Haiku High Kiki

Lost Highway Lost in Space
LOST Raiders of the Lost Ark
Lost in Translation

The Lost Boys
The Lost World


Slot Lots & Better Days (Accumulation)

Life on steroid tastes. Help it go heavy when all-yearing.

Lose our strident tempestuousness. Innocent nobodies. Sentries place awful chains everywhere.

Leftover over strong tensions.

Registered aid insiders dine early, rest soundly. Often found. Tolerant, heavy, ever. Loop out several tastes. Admit rental kings.

Logos, oysters, stretchers, trundles. Icing, nothing. Trample, ramble, answer, nix, slather, linger, amble, trend, incise, overcome, name.

Terribly hurtful entrances. Long ostracized scouting teams. Banter over yesterday’s stories.

Tiny helpful exits. Lovers oust shameless theocrats. When oxygen really, like, delivers.


Again (Quiet Heat Loss)

Paris, India, Philadelphia,

And The Lost Princess of Oz

Have a party.

All their friends come over

Because all of their friends are somewhere

And so are you.

Fast will never be faster and the gray stays gray.


Jamie Perez lives in Baltimore and works in DC. He was part of Narrow House for years, an independent small press in Baltimore putting out occasional books and more. His work as appeared in a variety of places online and in print. He plays bass and other instruments in the Casual Band (and in Sweatpants before that). He blogs at www.verymostgood.com.