Party for Cryptic Latest McSweeney’s Tonight In SF

Casey McKinney


So you think Robert Downey Jr. can do anything now that he quit drugs? Maybe so, I even liked his Sherlock Holmes to a degree. Good airplane pic, was acting at detective work, Downey was, and am psyched about Iron Man 2. Way off topic though. Way off. ‘Cept that there’s some good detective work in reverse imagined by McSweeny’s authors Eli Horowitz and Mac Barnett for the next issue of the protean quarterly. I can’t even imagine, or describe this item that’s on the one hand contained in itself, a labyrinth, a clock, a mousetrap or something… and that also exists as a treasure hunt in 12 corners of the country. I’m thinking It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, with McSweeney’s readers chasing for the loot, or booty I should say (if you know the pirate theme on Valencia). The Chronicle seems to do a good job though of summing it up, so read this and if in San Francisco, well shit, hit the party tonight, hop to it, doofus…. -CM

*OH AND JUST SAW…even better write up in Salon by Fanzine contributor, etc, etc, Richard Parks.

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