Three Stories

Alejandro Badillo


“He went down to the basement and found his body lying in a pool of blood.” Three very short stories by Alejandro Badillo. Translated by Toshiya Kamei.

All You Pretty Things: Randal O’Wain Talks with Juliet Escoria about her debut novel Juliet the Maniac

Randal O'Wain


Juliet Escoria spoke with Randal O’Wain about Escoria’s debut novel, Juliet the Maniac, discussing autofiction, addiction, youth, and including a soundtrack straight from 1999.

Manifestation of the Absurd: A Review of Oliverio Girondo’s Decals

Joseph Houlihan


A friend of Borges, and a massive force within the history of twentieth century Argentine poetics, Oliverio Girondo’s avant-garde language-play finds fabulous new life in Open Letter’s translation by Rachel Galvin & Harris Feinsod. Joseph Houlihan reviews.

Cats and Dogs

Kate Jayroe


“Fantasy is a train where no one knows where they are going and they are all shouting as if they are surprised by the movement though they’d been counting on the movement the entire time or else they would not have boarded a train.” Fiction by Kate Jayroe.

The Love Song of John R. Miller: A Review of The Trouble You Follow by John R. Miller

Sam Farahmand


Part music review and part road trip story about the singer-songwriter John R. Miller, Sam Farahmand provides the portrait of an artist finding sobriety and a stronger sense of self on his sophomore album.


Erik Wennermark


The oeuvre of Jean Claude van Damme is thus laid bare, as Erik Wennermark attempts to scrutinize the inscrutable, mega-flexible cult icon’s career through its lesser known ephemera, including his sidelong relationship with Camus.


Shane Jesse Christmass


“Martin in the hotel. He tells me I am the ugliest man he has ever met. I tell him my transformation isn’t finished yet.” New fiction by Shane Jesse Christmass.

To Sense and Perceive: A Review of A manifest detection of death-lot in banking games

Clara B. Jones


death-lot is telling us our strategies will lose in the long term, isn’t it? This sounds nihilistic…” Clara B. Jones with a review-in-dialogue of new work by Andy Martrich.

Three Bird Quizzes

Rose Hunter


“Blue jays make sounds like / a. blue terriers / b. raptors / c. squeaky clothes hoists, humans, meowing cats” Three poetic quizzes by Rose Hunter.

The Pregnancy Game

Michelle Ross


“Gwen points to Minh and me and says, ‘You’re both pregnant.’ To Tahlia, she says, ‘You’re not pregnant.’” Fiction by Michelle Ross.