Only For the Articles? Right. Playboy’s Archive Online

Casey McKinney


When I was a young lad1, I had a neighbor friend whose dad had every Playboy that ever existed (thus far) in his attic.  Needless to say I didn’t get much reading done then, but there is some great reading to be seen, I mean read, here in this exhaustively scanned archive (is that what the Playboy reality show interns have been busy with behind the scenes?). Great Design too. A fan of Mad Men?  Gander at the classic (if sometimes clumsy) ads in these pages.  Over the years Playboy did interviews with Bobby Seale, the Jimmy Carter “I have committed adultery in my heart” one, a Marshall McLuhan interview that a friend said was a “face-melter” etc.  Oh why do I even have to stump for this, all the ladies are there too, check it:

Note: at first thought it was the entire archive, but is only 53 entire issues, one for each year Playboy has been operating, through 2006.

1. Robin says I sound like I am 80 years old by using the term “lad.”  So how old is a young lad, I dunno, 8?  Pretty young.

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