Oldies Among The Eight: World Cup Sonnet 1

Casey McKinney


Oldies Among the Eight

Who says the old guys can’t still do their stuff?
Beckham England, Zidane France, Ronaldo
Brazil. Some English fans dis their pretty
boy for his languid play and random ‘dos.
Yet on set, over the wall, he’s perfect,
and pissed skin punters hug like little girls.
Zidane, in his last, heads to net on a
corner – sends his pays to the quarters.
They charge the Brazilian’s too fat these days
and may be upstaged by Ronaldinho –
sporting a name so close it’s confusing.
But now with 15 Cup goals, the record,
seems he could score while downing a Big Mac.
Three rounds to go, who will get (last?) laurels?

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