OK, Okay, O.K.

Casey McKinney


Not able to sleep at 5 am this Sunday morn for some reason, I flip open the laptop and find an interesting etymology debate on the word “OK” –  as I debate whether to cancel my New York Times Sunday edition that costs me $30 a month and should be on the doorstep by now. Having just scanned Media Bistro‘s Revolving Door, which seems lately to be one big slaughterhouse of journalism job cuts (making me rethink, guiltily, of that cancellation. Really, if I wasn’t such a carpetbagging ex-New Yorker, I should be getting the AJCBut um yeah, then again I could, for only $15 bucks a month, still be a Times online subscriber, get the editorials [do I really need to read Maureen Dowd? or find out if Paul Krugman is right that this market uptick past 10,000 has been yet another bubble we’ve had since March?], the Times magazine, the crosswords, and a nice new electronic reader version, plus a beautiful Reader App that works with Adobe Air…. Jeeez I should be getting paid to advertise all this…).

I’d almost cancel just because their yearlong Weekender ad campaign is so awful. Should I get up or what? back to sleep? OK? O.K.?  Maybe. yeah? No… Okay, I’m getting up. –CM

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