Music: XBXRX: Un Usurper

Casey McKinney


Like all non-idiots (and please hold the personal heckling till the end here), I love free albums, and like those lucky enough to have experienced the Bay Area ball of fury known as XBXRX live, I too verily heart this band. So when I got an email saying go to the band’s site ( and download a free copy of their new album, all I could say was how high do you want me to jump? Rather, neurotransmitters were firing hypertime – my head snap, crackle and popping like a crack O.D., was almost woofing like my dog seeing a horse on TV! and I thought damn, this internet connection better be good, because I gotta have this LP fast – fast as XBXRX can hammer out a tune if possible. XBXRX defines hardcore now (just ask Ian MacKaye), has been for a few years, and spawns many new surprises with Un Usurper. – PS: donate if you can (an option when dowloading). If anything, download then pay to see them live.