Music: The Cramps: The Smell of Female

Casey McKinney


Lux Interior, the “Mad Daddy,” i.e. your “Garbageman,” the slithery lead singer of The Cramps passed away recently.  He and partner Posion Ivy led one of the seminal punk bands in New York in the late 70’s and the influence over the next decades that their unique form of psychedelic hillbilly blues had on some of the better bands of today (from the White Stripes to the Black Lips and on) cannot be overstated.  Their primal, reverb and fuzz sound came across best live and Lux was quite the performer, slinking around in faux leather pants, or bikini g strings and high heels, often giving head to the mic as he howled the audience into submission. The Smell of Female, a 1983 recording live from the Peppermint Lounge is one of the finer relics of the band in all their glory.