Music: Save Criminal Records/ Kill Your Darlings

Casey McKinney


One of Atlanta’s icons, Criminal Records (and comic shop, etc) is maybe going out of business. Go there and buy records. Best record I bought at Criminal lately: Bonnie Prince Billy – Wolfroy Goes To Town. Oldham keeps getting better and better. Seriously (and you get a little pink redneck doo rag with the album and a sticker that says “Fuck Birds in the Bushes”. You can’t download it. All the more reason to stop by Criminal). I’ll also have to give Demolished Songs by Thurston Moore another listen after hearing the sad news on Pitchfork about he and Kim splitting (say it isn’t so!). But all news need not be sad. You can save a great record store! Support Criminal Records. Go to their events, like this one here at Variety Playhouse. Also tonight 10/15, swing by Kill Your Darlings ATL’s Seven Deadly Sins at Marvin Gallery and see some great readings, DJS, and art. -CM