Music: Real Estate: Days

Casey McKinney


Real Estate DaysI haven’t been doing my musical homework lately or would have noticed the new Real Estate album at the top of the Pitchfork best albums list. With such a flood of new shit to feed through, it would be extremely facile to shoot off that this is as good as the first time I heard The Shins, The Clientele or early R.E.M….I know, I know I keep saying every new thing I think is good (besides all that corpse paint Scandinavian gansta rap :)) sounds like early R.E.M., but it’s not just the jangle to the picking that I pine for, but an effortless timelessness they had from the git go, and these guys have it. Too. Or have come to it. Wow. Have wasted a lot of dough on vinyl this year that I Thought was good, waiting for an LP such as this. A hot spaghetti western on a sticky, soda smeared SoCal beach (those adjectives make no sense, but hey, you wouldn’t guess these guys are from Jersey). Johnny Marr on ludes, slo-mo. Sweet. Classic. Do I even need to recommend this? Oh well. -CM