Music: Oneohtrix Point Never

Casey McKinney


You quit smoking again. You may have tried self hypnosis from a podcast. You realize there actually is porn on the iTunes site. You searched “hypnography” and what “listener’s also bought.” Found plenty of (mis)guided eroticism to fill your iPod. You become a meditation expert and can come without touching yourself. Or learn to never come. Or you can fly. Or you wonder if David Lynch who now has a center dedicated to Transcendental Meditation still smokes. Or why he would, having learned to feel so good just breathing. Or you may get bored with meditation dedicated media altogether and find music that works your alpha, beta and theta rhythms, parsing whatever, without whatever. Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replicas can make you fly, come, quit smoking, you name it. These are the nonsongs, electronic loops, some that sound like bad porn sure, but delicious nonetheless. -CM