Music: Bobby Conn

Casey McKinney


So I keep harping on ‘old news’ here in some music recommends… hell Jack Hanley keeps putting Grateful Dead videos up still on Facebook so… and Deerhunter, who on an indie level may not need more news about them – you think – YOU, put on the best sounding show I’ve seen in a while at the Tabernacle recently (best sounding, they do it shoegaze, which I dig… Hawks I hear put on the best performance in Atlanta, and will tear myself away to see them soon). But been listening to Bobby Conn after reading Bradford Cox’ review of Golden Age as best album of the last decade. If it isn’t seminal enough for ya, start with his self titled Bobby Conn and on through the new Thrill Jockey stuff. And remember kids, “you’re never gonna get ahead, (giving head to the man).”  -CM