Music: Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions

Amy Herschleb


The first LP from the Barreracudas from Douchemaster Records goes down like a turkey rubbed in butter (too soon?): without tenderness but with undeniable appeal. There is no downside to being this cool, and these guys have been cool (singly, together, & Hiss) for a while now (not as long as Murtaugh, though). It’s catchy sans saccharine. U won’t catch urself wishing u could be the girl in any of their songs, but u’ll dance & sing along (and forgive the spelling). The only thing better than the vinyl (with requisite mp3 download) is seeing the ‘cudas play live in a parking lot & dancing like a jerk. If we’ve learned anything from Justin Bieber, it’s that being a screaming fangirl is gross (though most likely pretty profitable) and the fall of our idols requires the rise of new anti-idols, maybe just some dudes, and possibly ones that make it okay to have fun without pretending to be something that u are not. -AH