Lebanese Man To Be Beheaded For Witchcraft

Casey McKinney


Oh I had you going….!!! April Fools!

See here.

Unfortunately, psyche, it’s real, what a bummer. But hey those Saudi homies don’t play…(can I keep this laugh track going, with ghetto fabulous slang? probably not.) Oh well, it’s just the first Thursday of the Month, terrible shit happens everyday. Only today we can be super ironic and a tad less guilty about it!

Where’s my Hary Potter books I never read? I will read them now in support of the condemned man…um…booyah….ughh. I might vomit….Nah! CAUSE IT”S APRIL FUCKING FOOLS! COME ON GUYS! PINCH ME I’M IRISH.

Write Amnesty International. Somedays I hate blogging…



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