Johnny III

Danielle Wheeler



buds swing in the gossip of the air. it wasn’t telling when it
was born in me                it is what you cannot understand,
choosing the hot & real change to feel if you haven’t ever
wanted as I have what you cannot desire, you make brick to
spell from a froth that which is lighter than air like the foam
on riverhead washing, beneath a finger it would become of
the whistle you lose despite yourself         I can with sure &
fair beginning construct a willing source to love me & your
hand down my back is not a bargain for what I would tell
that heat is a witness to such bending and shapes uttered
only so thick because triumph & water makes waves and
forgives it
but he judges me yet. as if I were anything to judge


Danielle Wheeler is the author of Teenage Exorcists (Slim Princess Holdings), her first chapbook. She can be found online at

Photo: Louise Mathias