Iran – How You Can Help

Casey McKinney


We have been following the events in Iran and won’t make any quick chatter on the topic, except that our full support is for those out in the streets and twittering and so on, voicing their will for freedom, taking blows and bullets in the process. A friend on facebook just suggested doing this:

“If (you’re) on twitter, set your location to Tehran and your time zone to GMT +3.30. Iranian security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut Iranians’ access to the internet down. Cut & paste & pass it on.”

Also a friend in London suggested going to this site and registering:  This site shows how to surf the web anonymously, for instance, and other useful information for those involved in the protest.

While jokes fly about the anonymity of the sources reporting on these protests, since foreign media has been shut out, and voicing one’s opinion for Iranians can have serious repercussions, anonymity can be a powerful force in this case.  As we’ve watched in videos posted anonymously on youtube, real people have been shot, by real bullets, and real people have died (no surprise that these videos keep getting pulled). 

If you believe at all in the rights that our young women and men in uniform in the Middle East have been ensured they are fighting and dying for (like freedom of religion and speech, forget the WOMDs, the oil and the occupation etc at this point, and all the previous lies before; bottom line is we don’t need any more fronts opened in the terror war, and young Iranians could be our best allies for democracy in the region), then show your support for the demonstrators in Iran in whatever way you can.

Heck, even as silly as it may sound, wear some green too. Oh and go here too for free demonstration logos and whatnot More soon.  Pass this info on.