“I believe in nature” / “‘Kim People R Dying’ – Kourtney Kardashian season 6 episode 11 of _KUWKT”

Precious Okoyomon



I believe in nature

You found a cicada
 Ensorceled in light
And put it in the green gay earth

A vegetable trill
 Goes thru me

I found a cicada
 And put it in a
 Little egg

A vegetable trill
Goes thru me

 Antennas in radiant light
             becoming beams of love
  I fear nature
 her drowning
                    lust for my love
      i am
So very happy
         happy to be here
Catching our blown out bodies
 Singing our spell songs

“Kim People R Dying” - Kourtney Kardashian season 6 episode 11 of_KUWKT

Below the adoring skies

Kourtney on the Beach

Kim in the Ocean

Bora Bora

Temperate shells
 Beauty is a reminder of organizational death
It would be a mistake to ascertain
any particular human society with the kingdom of god
 Contingent on its destructibility

Glossimer transcendence

 Chrysalis _ a true form

 Wealth beyond reproach

I check my iphone 6s with its cracked screen and wipe the chicken grease off my

In the next life
I want to be Kim K
 Contour kit _ compacted pleasure
I’m over trying to be beautiful
Part of me is ugly enough to be a saint

In the empire’s waste

Asking strangers to light my joint

Rising up from my self loathing

Kim K in the Ocean



Bora Bora

Mar a Lago

Summer in winter

Summer in fall

Summer in spring

Paradise above all the rest


Everything is EXTRA and i’m LAZY

Waking up in ur bed is paradise
I am glad love our love is not utopia
Idk what the meaning of life is


Precious Okoyomon is a Brooklyn based poet and artist. She is the author of Ajebota (Bottlecap Press, 2016). Her  writing has been published in Lit Magazine, Fanzine, New York Tyrant and elsewhere. She loves her sweet toy poodle rainbow and is a Leo that is very low key evil. She’s currently working on a book or two.