Heller’s Fanzine piece referenced in Freakonomics

Casey McKinney


The “Roid Rave” keeps rumbling. Yes, Jordan Heller has made a stir with his Fanzine feature “Roid Rave: Steroids, They Do A Body Good?” Not only was his piece, that shows the other side of the steroid debate (the benefits, rather than the harm), referenced recently in Vanity Fair, but now has made the pages of the award winnning New York Times Freakonomics blog. Who says us art fags (jk) can’t write real journalism?  So young journalists (or seasoned or lightly seasoned or hell, well done) with good stories, pitch us, we want more on politics, science (like Heller’s), and other pieces beyond our usual cultural critique spectrum.

And congrats Jordan, I see that piece referenced in quite a few other places as well as I googled along. Just posting this news post haste, as a Freakonomics fan myself.

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