Have a Whack at Bernie Madoff Balls

Casey McKinney


Bernie Madoff plead gulity today on all charges of his Ponzi scheme that cost investors billions.  A federal judge accepted his pleas and he was sent immediatly to jail (no passing “Go”) to await trial.  While watching on Bloomberg, awaiting word, I saw another ambitious capitalist being interviewed outside the New York courthouse. Though a young man, he appeared to have lost a great deal of money via Maddof’s black hole of finance and is hoping to recoup some loses by selling golfballs with Mr. Madoff’s face on them.  If you can’t smack him personally, you can smack this ball! was the line, or something similar.  He said next in line for a personalized set of Sleazeballs, as he called the balls he’s selling, was Sir. Stamford, the Texan with a brazen sackful big enough apparently that he had the whole country of Antigua bought and fooled.

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