from Compress

Drew Kalbach


Attention is such a cash thing
this war for eyeballs across ever-expanding territory
from a new series I’m working on
every internet social media bully victimized
by all these haters haters haters
just made out with the man who changed my oil
MANY THANKS my cruel third eye blinders
tracker down routine maintenance whole deal
fishy forum sleuths
case of what needs who the worst








Vetting some horse pill dudes
in questionable gum wrapper grills tinsel toes where
I’m no longer wearing my shoulders as earrings
autoplayed baby spots
your kid is creepy your crepes are bleed-y
in cream frills and rosé spills elder
celiac humor builder style comes from death
past out in protest garbs got tossed down it’s illegal
to be in private property though any privacy at all







Maiden lush for some fries engages tap to record
functionality for public friendships
music was my first power but not my last
primary mystical experiences like mine are common
fact masters fact points itself is itself what
ever the matter more to the point itself
deep fried potato in a rain-starved nation / emotive squid
my first 20 years online it’s a happy story
Cobain’s favorite album / teenage riot is an iggy pop cover
you’re welcome to correction







Pleistocene motherfucker
approved with changes based on asset gone missing
in your teleconference persona we shuffle
spiritual regression of browser history
open in fullscreen mode
injured outward call list mobile
mobile mobile we’ll never come home to check our messages
serious serious and pre-approved
it makes me wish I weren’t such a jerk
it makes me wish I weren’t such a jerk







Year End Best Of List
daily life of receding dust returns
what an English gentleman shouldn’t be doing
week of the daily hourly update
intro for receding stylized friendship haze
dragnets that scoop up
indiscriminately everyone the cherries like sullen juveniles
is a bad phrase
successfully rejected advances







The pressure comes in to make something addictive
as lame as that sounds
every day I hear knock knock knock
don’t pay me in news bites another lost air line
washed up on the golden shore
means as a means to an end line indefinite
your love is killing me just kidding
stutter immortal teens immortal teens ya’ll hail
seal from seal rock
resolve to share less share more judiciously share at all