from A Few Ideas From My Voidbox

Ben Mirov



# 8000

I hope you have a wonderful experience.
I hope you buy a brand new car

and drive it into the ocean
and the waves salute you

and piss you off.
I hope it makes you laugh.

All experiences are the same.
Like the roots of a fucking tree.

Trees make no one laugh.
They refuse to move

for hundreds of years
and then they die.

If only we
were more like trees.




# 45.53

Just like yesterday
today is a horrible day

to buy hundreds of dollars
of sex toys via the internet.

Use them to prop open the door.
Use your good sense

to alleviate the tension of your colleagues
in the boredom structure.

You must speak to them in the
tenderest of voices

adrift on their fathoms of lattice.
I mean lettuce.

Fathoms of lettuce
as far as the eye can see.





People with money
repping their shit.

People with more money
repping their shit.

That’s all I have on my schedule
for the rest of the week

until I die. Life is just
a series of blips

on our personal
symptom modulator.

Coffee cup coffee cup.
A field of rusting machines.

Come find me in my oubliette
scribbling out my dreams.





Nothing is truly important
but the beloved’s face

recorded in a moment’s silence,
before it rejoins

the eternal blur.
Numbers numbers numbers

whirl in my shadowy head.
Close the door before you go.

My drip black drop
blank something dead




# 73,489

All my ideas have lead me
to the word nautical.

Thanks very much assholes.
And thanks for leaving me

the ice tray. It was useful
on my way to Sweden.





Before I go out I like
to dab some bath water

on the wafer in the brain’s grave.
I find it makes me intractable

to the various members
of the Poor Hungry Antelope Society.

One must take care in presenting themselves
to the enemies of boredom.

Without them we could not continue
our opalescent dredge.

Our pastimes full of drowsy wisps.
Our thimble-full of booze.


Ben Mirov is the author of Hider Roser (Octopus Books, 2012). He is also the author of Ghost Machine (Caketrain, 2010). He grew up in Northern California and lives in Oakland.