Food: Ali Baba

Casey McKinney


I won’t go into too much detail, but you know how they say people get lactose intolerant? Well I think I caught this ’cause someone I knew didn’t drink milk, and therefore I didn’t. Went soy for cereal, coffee. Then for a while I thought I was garbanzo bean intolerant, which was terrible ’cause I used to eat Falafel daily.  Anyway, I don’t know how Ali Baba does it, but I’m cured, and this is the nicest, best(est) Mediterranean place in the city, in America as far as I’m concerned. My little dog even almost bit one of the owners today and she didn’t even flinch (his leash had broke and was sticking him, he’s normally a peach). Add best Turkish coffee, best babaganoush, best baklava, succulent grape leaves and I’m there everyday it seems. On Euclid Ave, Little 5 Points, ATL.––CM