flowg up out the top of the body

Hela Trol Pis



head/face shooting upwerd neck shooting upwerd……… neck beam

neck trunk root up

imbuing words x objects;;;;;; organs inserted into object beaming

squish in thru craks bulge in any cracks

imbuing rhythm/sequence

possessing sht

body pulsating x bouncing arnd lol amassing objects stiky bulging body sxc

body caught in the shape/form/thrust of a txt/object stuk on

swept out txt grip x grinding txt sanding grating

stretchd out sht painful to read gr8ng brain gr8ng

out of shape bent out face grating gr8

stretchd invisible

political invisibility

political creativity

political magic


sweeping legs

sweeping skin flaps

vacuum mouth flaps

chaneled out siftig/shutering repurpos limbs loos swinging

atach to difrnt w/e bodies-masses spread/web body flail lolling

swep off feet loll

swep out of feet metadimensional feet dangling feet

lol shark jump wangling

fet cut out splayed out splayful splayground

ilegal ground poison dert playn on ground eat dert

poison ground dert dertmess dirt teeth dert face grit

poison lava single tooth////////////////////////////////天狗下駄

feet disintegr8d/dissolve….. actualy up in2 jaw or neck legs sticking out ov neck lasers up in2 jaw sick laserbeams sick laser vomit

out ov cheeks

break play shater play icloud body cloud

broken play power games body control group nervous system anxiety play

power dynamics anxiety exchange discourse



fuckgravity abusegravity


violencdarkpower………………………….. rupture…………. breakppl? Darkside. brokencyde

violence love ppl brk newai

ppl breakdown pplrot

shadow sht shadow dressup dank shroud visual disturbance fashion game

dark sht underneath violence……… deepr thn violence. Always-arlready being-violence

shadow comfert cozy dark beding hid in u shadow

shadow fort shadow treehut

internal tension pull xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx internal vacuum

internal wormhole paradise

pulls on faces face vacuum infinite face

suck faces downwards omnipresent face face value

pukl face under $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

face suckd inward caved in

flapping out taking over faceoff

x strained outward wood face facehut face housing accommodation

bone stretch ourwerd x craning out over $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

bone extension;;;; augmentation bone

protrusion x reacahing out bone security desperation

slithering out peering around slipery bones bone cuddle bone codependence


facescope face at a distance teleface telefision

facescopic zooming

jutting all ur ugly faces finaly free

ugly literaly ugly taek over. revolution/revoltion

blinding ugly glaring

then face strechd out over objects poke out agains eyeballs

enveloping facenet facebag face~~~ throw over environment/s catch-all trawlcore

around buildings building protruding out thru skin face trap

over people body-psychic emotion traps

people-babies-animals smother in face skin abusive emotional trap music

face prison

u tangle in face skin cheeks n jowl sht

lip sht teeth sht teeth cables

pingin betwen faces. puling teeh

body ternt into a stone

stone meditations

stone education

stone training

chanel stone subjectivity



absorb stone stone face stone orgasn

faces stretching out in any directions infinite stone faces

deep time stonebody deep dream

enter deep time

fleshy jelly monolith infinite jelly jelly smotherhood

infinite jelly rhythm momentum jelly jungle rave

being-huge small world infnite polyrhythm


chanelld thru the body

body inflated with forever bloated with forever time allergy

permeated with forever forever at its discretion foreverhose

permeated with time body wrapped around time. forever spray


hand seals

hand shining hands-lasers burning hands

dripping hands acidhands

squeezing flowing out hands dribble

wipe smear offense

wipepower wipe leverage

seals/unseals unleashes

shadow pupets

dripping trails

driping lazers

flooding spaces hands flood packed out w hands

hands flooding bodies

saturating bodies infkated bodies

saturation triggering pupeting power puppet penetration/possession/infiltration/permeation

figuring posing



person suit inflation

suit rupture

pop pap

contorting~~ spaces~faces

manipulating-bending-moulding conduct ppl body suits ppl mouldiing

rank dripping leaking body suits

clay/dert/plasticine body materiality

shine/ray putward from stomach

stomach transmissions

stomach conductions


stomach hands mandhandling xxxxxxx force

synching future dance x ritual being-future penetrated by future

stomach suck in n ensnaring get wrapd up in stomach trap fuked by future

every part ov the body into a net loopy from all angles

tihe mouri ora

inflating x being electrified and conducted x static x ecstatic

conveyed///////////possession mass demon big demon

the body plugd into a thing get saturated in it/conducting it/inflates by it

nu pulse nu life pulse nu life force nu magic

infinite demon

magic thign

nu magic veins pulse w/e

pulse buildings

nu heart pump flower

pushing thru xxxxxx fuk socio-bodily limitations rip out ov body

magic interdimensional pirate crew melt out smelt out

absorb bodies-puppets bodiestakeover

fit anything in the body x repurpose into a tool/power j instering into body added as a nu limb so qt shuve it in body pirate

inflate bodies x bodily capacity mass appropriation

huge body x sharebodies)fusion

sharemagic siamese bodies stuk in net

cut loo$e lol magicbody magic stardust moonfairy magic wake

choices towerds magic #CHOICES prochoice//////choicepro

mass absorption autofiltering subjpower mass absorption method

mass abortion method

liek al over the place in dif lil things n building up lil magics wat r u doing

pockets ov lil magics in a landscape lol wat r u dreams in life

magic storehousing stockpiling hidenseek

invisible x infinite plces only accessible from/thru the inside invisible bitches only

fuk irl scam con

spun ur own version spun u own interweb u own rules literaly no real rules

difrn embodiments ov smhtng substance

relaes x chanel thru wrtg. writen seal x sigil. infinite writings > werds ~~~~~~~~~

put hands thru to feel out spaces diferently

put feelers thru

put tentacles thru

push organs thru holes/waalls w/e

feeling differently

beign imposible shining then exploding thru faces glow taking over faces

because ur werthit bc u a dank bich dank internal source enegy rules r fuking ignorant

feet feelers creeping out creepout shining bristling feet

undermine sht undermine ppl creaap up in thru other feet

~~~~~~~~glowing feet

swolen ankles bersting magic berthing

trap sinkhole ankle sht open up blakhole

berthing out nu metaorifices –> body sinkhole

exploding body parts explosive behaviour inside voices

shapeless/out of shape/pear shaped/let go

let go far/forever

wanting diferently from feet/ankles

ankles magnets

ankles drawing in

ankle bracelet

bones vacuums

bones storing

bones selection

supernatural selection

mountain bones bones flowers

ectoplasm dribbling x bodily fluid

ghost ecosystem

leaking ghost fluid$

lay out internal storage units

inflated hips bones




orderings orient around the body

ripples out from the body

reorder everything external at once breathe on everyone magic fire breath poisonbreath

liek acid dossolving transformative shapeshifting magic breath

holding on threads apocalips breath

feed threads thru

pulling gathering bundles bungles

playing strings

dribbled out over………

trail over ground

looped around


ankles threads

ankle pupet

magic weapons fairy saliva

infinite saliva potential.


hela trol pis is working on shifting God and maybe the Universe.

Fanzine’s Late Summer / Fall poetry editor is Penny Goring. Penny Goring lives in London. She makes things.