Fine Art Weddings

Katherine Botten


Camo socks with camo pants and a camo long sleeve tshirt.
4XL black ‘New World Order’ tshirt.
Too fat for Vetements.

The word angel is evil and anyone who uses it is evil.

Plus size see-through g-string.

Camping clothes only (warm jackets, jumpers, thermals, sandals with arch support, hiking boots).
Only 5XL.

GEL Asics.
Dewy skin, Josie Maran Argan oil illuminizer applied with a damp beauty blender.
The warmest fleece black, maroon or dark navy blue tracksuits (Champion, Kmart).

Fine Art Weddings.
Textures of wedding cakes (“naked” wedding cakes).
A painting which is: 1) drawing paper on the ground with different alternating stripes of cake-like browns and icing-like creams, and then actual whipped cream around the edges of the paper. Or actual cream instead of acrylic paint.
2) Cream coloured acrylic paint, really thick on canvas (probably mixed with texturising paste). Sprinkled with edible silver cake baubles.

Size 8, Techno.

Rosemary brûlée.
Big long fur coat.
New LDR is bad.

I literally die inside everytime one of my art school classmates has a career achievement.
I am in a competition with everyone.

Isabelle Hellyer.

For every salad you buy, one is donated to a local domestic-violence shelter.

HIIT & Tone Workout Guide.
Pinterest copyright violation.

Melbourne cult pastries.

A dexie to scrub the shower.
Broken kmart vacuum.
Ablative fractional laser.

Failed Celebs That Now Work For Minimum Wage.

Size 24 ladies pinstripe suit.
Para-medical dermal.

Did they break up or is she just moving out?

Massive sportswear jacket over Molly Goddard tulle gown.
Fake reading glasses to look like *****.


Free shipping.

I can’t quit my job because ………
I can’t quit my job because ………

My data’s not working so I can’t leave the house.

Thinner, hotter.

All the times I’ve been screen shot.
Housemates on mute.

No job at the end of art school.


Non-surgical cosmetic injectables.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are modernists.

35 BMI

Art practice is sick and fuels my ED.

I truly believe (deep down) that a woman’s worth and power are tied to her looks.

Frozen meals.
Fresh red stretch marks.

Marry for a David Jones wedding registry. Homewares.
Couch to 5K.
Non-prescription glasses with clear frame.
Amelia Gray.
Melbourne offsite index tshirt. 70mm sterling silver hoops.

“What’s the strongest investment at the moment – the image, or recovery?”


Katherine Botten is an Australian interdisciplinary artist. Her works are primarily voiced in the first person, often blurring the distinction between artist and object of study. “Katherine Botten” as performed by Katherine Botten explores the construction and destabilization of identity in Post Capitalist conditions, and the distress of living and consuming. She is represented by Suicidal Oil Piglet and currently squats