Fearless Freaks of Football

Casey McKinney


So it’s a Sunday, about two weeks after the election (whoo hoo good things there). As the economy further tanks sans an Obama bounce that we all hope will take effect January 20th, what does one do in the meantime while looking for a job or fretting over a potential pink slip? Well there’s football to be watched, American football that is.

A friend who started a blog about punk rock running (he has his own definition of that) asked me when I became such a football fan. I told him well I had always been one, as it was the one sport I was actually good at. And I guess I repressed it through high school because the fans I knew as a young man were exactly the reason I rejected the sport (and many others), picked up a skateboard and went punk rock. But hey, being a football fanatic, I’m not in bad company, Jack Kerouac, Robert Pollard, and Matthew Barney all played football, as did the Flaming Lips (see the video above). -CM

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