dry skin sonar

Natalie Lugo



I shave through my panties because fuck hair
it’s megastructure rot* *propaganda for beasts
bald decisions bald life ozone carbonates friends
+ no food till they fit corn syrup inside microchips +
I’m the one with braces at the monster truck rally
& a probiotic loading circle over each bowel
I mean two of me cover the hull of noah’s ark
cuz I got in his momma and woofed like tomboy pasghetti
peacock of alleys slitting your beak improves ratings
% stranded by her diplomas [her eggs hide as her]
so I scrape crust off my knee: its jade static
bitch part of the salad /// her fluids blew up a balloon (,)
voting me the first cop to jizz lightly because that’s our air :{
they background check the sky find a frowny face
find a religion of headlines < circumcision on her grave
~ I lap cuts^^prepuce gum round the rigor mortis rainbow^^
I’m letting nanna drown and calling it a relationship
OMG blacked out sucking a fork OMG how I count wishes
see piled leaves and know I am purring with hatred beneath
you lowered a microphone into a glass of milk and called it a conscience
I suicided under a haystack and if the straw reaches you you’re my body too
an animal speaking through its rip $$ retire within thrown dice
halitosis & vertigo from the blast’s lactation
I read the back of my forehead as it crosses the room
who’s tops in a landfill?? who’s little better than a meadow???
she’s like yes I say the n-word when I go bathroom
…………………………..yet I remain unchallenged


Natalie Lugo lives in Detroit, where she works in a veterinary clinic. This is her first publication.