Shane Jesse Christmass



You’ve got sinus trouble. You give your room key to me. I head to the liquor store. I leave by the side door liquor store. Conman performs nasty tricks. All sweet talk. High class business-man getting fucked in hotel room. Disposes of his professional reputation. Diamond ring glints in rainy night. Chicago collapses into black mountains. Hand sweat on rock walls. You’re asleep in small boats. From your back muscles … sweat pours. Machine-like precision to destroy you. Magazine publishers talking to television stations. Cadillacs … Chevrolets and Chryslers appear from murky blackness. Spiral staircases throughout Chicago. A morgue team collecting cell organisms. Electronic diathermy in a large town’s orphanage. An insane gleam to your eyes. Yellow teeth caused by excessive liquor. Loaded gun discovered in the ballpark. Shrunken heads uncovered in Manchuria. Loaded gun pointed at the magazine photographer. Strange girls in the theatre foyer. Press agents conducting radio interviews. Fan magazines full of celebrity pictures. You’re a lifelong bachelor. Loaded gun in your slender palm. Fingers bent backwards. Desert sands of Arizona. Cactus over the flat landscape. Elderly man with neat curves. Stupid dreams from the morgue keeper. Special investigators with their high-octane corpuscles and black eyes. You draw a deep breath inside the subway. A 300 pound monster is up for execution. A flashlight beam on shoe leather. Upon the pavement a shrill whistle. The rough tug of a t-shirt from your shoulders. Children on the basketball court. A golden sun above glaciers. Dark forests on the Himalayas. Andes full of ice field ranges. Unbreathable air discloses whimsical dialogue. Efficient patterns engraved upon impressive terrain. The Chief Zoologist fucks the Radiation Specialist. Time Machines for sale on West 45th Street. The Vietnam War fought between Russia and Korea. Free brochure advertising glamour photography. Radiator pumps imported from Mexico. Exotic girls with blood red hands. Men without external sex organs. A sliced penis and scrotum in a coffee cup full of endocrine. Southern mansions repurposed into abortion clinics. A tight spiral of steady whirlwinds. Air currents clockwise spiral. Peculiar clouds seep into the control panel. Chemical affinities scar your long fingers. Neat moustache hides your sour personality. Sea levels and nose bleeds. All average citizens garnished with oxygen masks. You wear triangulation glasses. A yellow dot on space charts. A woman squats over the pavement. A hurt woman with sore breasts. Long black hair in sharp photographic images. Unforgettable moments from these distant years. You take long absences to delve into deep thoughts. New machines on the Trans-Manhattan Expressway. Homosexual boys fuck the cruel bridegroom. You like mischievous laughter. You undress out of a black dinner dress. I wear your high heels. Light through the ventilating shaft. Scalpels into the skin. Destruction of the body with every body blow. Robots run for political office. Professional men tear down their immoral past. The possibility of fire hazards. An embankment of stones … almost a levee … holding back the seawater. Rodent-like forms and insect creatures. Primitive worlds with superior races. Alien minds with upper-level evolutionary sequences. Blunt fingers on your right hand. Sea levels and open mouths. Cold nerves inside time travel. Red curls over shoulders. Green eyes analysed by language enthusiasts. Intricate equipment engenders field reports. Transparent bubbles full of pale parasites. Blood congealing in the bathtub. Foam and cotton towels. A skeleton of bones … yellow spots on your skin. Water against the embankment. Tall crests. Robust undertow. Health department rejecting discourse and intellectual atmosphere. University President has light-headedness. Anthropologist with a restless mind drinking a bitter espresso. The steady flow of sugar upon the riverbed. Empty chairs at the adjacent table. A vacant seat at the student hangout. Close-up of your sharp nose. Black forms fondle galactic microforms. Mountain range in the rear-view mirror. Alien air minus gravity. Earth oxygen encrusts smooth-worn boulders. Strange clouds seen through your field glasses. Wide panoramas of featureless cylinders. Air currents and thermal chimneys. Strange invasion of telescopic eyes. A lean black man wearing a Soviet Army officer’s cap. California has a peaceable nature. You need to fix past mistakes. A snowbound car with crystalline feathers in the trunk. Imprisonment in part-time different jobs. The shower curtain in your fingers. You’ve spent multiple lifetimes in your complete image. You wear black stockings. Nail polish spilt on your lace brassiere. You spend the summer months residing in official agencies that offer twenty-four-hour emergency services. Hollywood celebrities in Norway. Cigarettes in the computer library. Intelligent life inside a cloud mass. Red dots on a long slope. Sensitive mortals with abrupt impatience. Loose sleeves on your old sweater. This hot planet with its acid tongue. Your pale eyes looking over a tundra of small rodents. The greenish iridescence of your huge eyes. Your brain records reconnaissance methods and the wire enclosures of NYC. UFOs now classified as ‘religious weapons’. You sleep wrapped in influential newspapers. Weekend parties with packages of LSD. Shoe leather in your mouth. Asleep in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Asteroid belts and complex organisms. Medical researchers whose blood drizzles. Slaves with shrewd eyes. Deer-like creatures in the shadows. Unwary beasts in protective suits. Florida destroys all its fireproof buildings. Silicone materials are replaced with champagne. Puerto Rico is relocated to the Pacific Ocean. Heavy luggage on a bathroom scale. Laundry starch like light sandpaper. Your car furnished and expenses paid. Face surgery after accident investigation. Naked CEO fucks senior citizen. Earthquake in the Gobi Desert. Plus-sized package with correct postage. Cartoons with infographics. Standardised exams for sexual research. Death medicine for monthly repayments. Junk food for Africa. IBM super-computer in your basement. Gene therapy with your mistress. Physical acts in unsafe structures. You’re a full-blown masochist. S/M in the piss-smeared nights.  Recreational therapy with stimulating images. Letters to the editor. Photos on an adult online magazine. Zayn Malik with a perpetual diseased liver. Sweat pores in Astoria. New dimensions to the apocalypse. Silver coins in exchange for superfoods. Stock prices collapse. Babysitter kills toddler. Polaroid sunglasses and secondhand watches. Jewelry and radios in your water closet. Stereo sets and cookware in your wardrobe. Silverware and hunting equipment under your bed. Glassware and linens in a suitcase. Drapery and fabrics on the furniture. Toys and fur stoles in the laundry. Hosiery and assorted clothing in the shower stall. Shoes in their shoe boxes. You fuck in the empty countryside. The CEO of a major oil company constructs steel-like muscles. He craves lifeguard shoulders and athletic legs. Office workers on 32nd Street drink synthetic beer. Dollar bills in plastic containers. Airplane trips over the Atlantic. Homeless students in Portugal. A teen party for freaks with malignant diseases. Pizza delivery cancelled throughout Manhattan. Death certificates issued automatically. NYC as post-industrial war-zone. Psychotic children with deep anxiety. Gas station robberies and movie theatres with a violent language. America in slow motion. Your minimum wage job. McDonalds throughout Mexico.  Tent cities in a recession economy. Financial blowout causes extreme blood pressure. Resistant bacteria in your Gucci loafers. Parasites in your cigarettes. A heavy smoker with sunburn. Extracts from citrus trees causing defective skin pigmentation. Too decay as a birthmark. Expensive gambling in Israel. Small blood vessels smoked in carbon dioxide. Your oesophagus filled with stomach acid. Bikini briefs beneath your nylon jacket. Your sequin breast. Gasoline savings in the latest Chrysler. Laboratory tests for shampoo hair. Soppy lather on your toothbrush. Skin disease and heartburn. Adhesive tape on your hypodermic injections. Press releases for illegal sound. Major oil companies with seasonal layoffs. Accident investigation with no gimmicks no charges immediate delivery. Easy monthly payments and wholesale discount prices. Electronic equipment for cancer treatments shipped to England. Criminal gangs read comic books. Pleasurable infrawaves on the computer screen. The fuel gauge for dead satellites. The yellow planet’s surface … low velocity tornadoes … magenta rivers. A young man with black hair … an impish grin. The unlit candies of socialists. Apathy during nuclear war. Hieroglyphics on automobiles. A metal pyramid inserted into the harbor. A sari-clad woman stands atop a tall man. A scowl and a gun holster. A gun in a gun holster. I catch a glimpse of life and passion … a forever condition … they then administer brain implants. The alcohol was delivered before. I take a sip. Xanax flavour. Brown eggnog. Cocaine laboratory. Drug or knives. Old man presses strange device against my sternum. Plastic bags full of Max Factor products.. Murmur in your veins. Drunk falling down. Mossy temples. Bubble bath and liquid teeth. Adrenalin rush. Body language. Ejaculate. Middle finger. Whole body. Scent pungent. Pretty face. Pointy toe. Death grip. Stamina augmentation. Dripping guy. Air patrol … National Guard … Pentagon … spider creatures.