Cooler Heads Prevail: Time for a new Blaine Act

Casey McKinney


There have been some awful teetotaler leaders, i.e. Hitler (okay minus all the meth he was getting injected towards the end there), Osama Bin Laden (is he? there in the land of poppies, or wherever he is? anyway his once protectors, the Taliban, well they all count), and of course let’s not forget our last president, GWB (the recovered party animal; think he’s switched back from O’douls to Budweiser now that he’s back in Texas?). And no I’m certainly not putting Bush in a class with the other two, but man, for a leader of a free nation, touted as the most free on Earth, well…

Anyway, it’s refreshing to see Obama kicking back and having a beer while watching the Chicago Bulls, as the Times caught him here. Obama has admitted to doing cocaine in the past, smoking marijuana (and inhaling), and he still smokes the occasional cigarette.  Sounds more like a libertarian huh? Rush Limbaugh out to be proud.

Meanwhile, kids like Derek Copp are getting shot over marijuana.  Ridiculous. Just as the Great Depression became a lot less depressed after the repeal of alcohol’s prohibition via the Blaine Act1, I say it’s time (during these hard economic times, and no I am not buying this recent rally; NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini seems to know what’s up) to consider legalizing marijuana, tax the heck out of it and start paying down our ever increasing debt.  It’s a better way out of a slump than going to war, which is what countries usually do in such a crisis.

Sign this petition if you agree on the Copp case, and there are many more ways to get involved of course.

drawing above by Danny Jock, and 1. sorry had the Volstead and the Blaine Act mixed up there for a sec. And the Blaine Act was the kickstart to the 21st Amendment which is what actually overturned prohibition.


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